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FFXIV G'raha Tia Outfit Changing Acrylic Charm

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$22.00 USD

Dress G'raha how you like and take him on your next adventure!

This special keychain has a base frame that can fit 4 acrylic sheets. Layer (1) a background, (2) G'raha, (3) an outfit, and (4) a decoration to get a complete image.

Included in this keychain is the following:
1 Base Frame
7 Sheets (2 backgrounds, 1 character, 2 outfits, and 2 decoration designs)
2 Clear Films (For avoiding scratches when you open and close the charm. However this may loosen the loop. This is entirely optional)
1 lens cleaning wipe

Please view the following video for instructions on how to remove the protective film and to remove dust:

The base frame, all 7 sheets, and the 2 films all have protective film. Please remove them to ensure that 4 sheets can fit inside the base frame.

Acrylic Charm Size (Not including keychain attachment): 2.25 x 3.5 inches