Upcoming Products

Upcoming Products

Hello, welcome to our first blog post! I'm floon, the artist and owner of Flareboost Shop. I'll be showing you previews of upcoming merch. Please keep in mind that these are previews only, and the final product may not look exactly the same.

G'raha Tia outfit changing acrylic charm

First is the merch I'm most excited about: this G'raha Tia charm includes a frame that opens up to fit four clear acrylic sheets. You can mix and match which designs you can put in, so he can be your maid, your butler, be at the Rising Stones, or at the Crystal Tower.

Urianger and Thancred

Next we've got Urianger and Thancred charms. Quite simple, but cute nonetheless. Let me know if you'd like to see other FFXIV characters!

Popsicle charms

This next one was hard to mock up, so let me explain: These charms are shaped as hollow popsicles with pink-colored oil, an acrylic charm, and sprinkles inside. The oil lets the charm and sprinkles move around like a shaker charm. I drew Alisae and Exarch for these!

Snack bags

Finally, we haveĀ "snack bags", or faux leather zipper bags with jagged edges designed to emulate snack packaging. I'm excited to bring pouches back to the shop because they're incredibly useful.

That's all for now. There will be even more coming, so keep checking to stay updated!