Hello! I'm Floon, a programmer, designer, artist, and crafter.Welcome to my little corner on the web!


I'm Floon! I'm a UI designer, front-end developer, and artist who does crafty things on the side.I am over 18, but my social presence is SFW! My pronouns are she/her.



  • League of Legends

  • Yokai Watch

  • Pokemon

  • Dungeons & Dragons

  • Kirby

  • Traditional Art

  • Digital Art

  • Resin Crafts

  • Bullet Journaling

  • Jewelry Making

  • Japanese Fashion


I do take 2D digital art commissions, however they are only open to friends/mutuals in very limited slots depending on my schedule. If you are a friend/mutual and are interested in a commission, please contact me for rates/samples/terms.



My work has been featured in video game community spotlights, anime convention marketing, fan zines, and more.

Fan Merch

I've been making and selling artwork since 2010. My work has been sold at a number of conventions throughout California over the past 12 years. I'm always creating new things based on my current interests, so check out my online shop for the latest!


One of my hobbies is making jewelry with resin and clay. I enjoy making colorful pieces with themes inspired by anime.

Other Stuff

I went on a nostalgia trip and found files from 2001-2005 and put them up on this website.

In 2018, I participated in a community collaboration for League of Legends.


Here are links to various helpful resources. Please note that I am based in the United States and some things may not be available in your country or state.

Artist Alley

Group for independent artist product orders.

Group for independent artist product orders.

Free software for improving Etsy SEO.

Resin Crafts

Great YouTube video on resin safety.

High quality UV resin and clay products.


Online art store that offers a huge variety of fine art materials at reasonable prices.

Includes my favorite Procreate brushes including "Stratmore" and "Elder".


Online-Only stationery store carrying products from around the world.

Retail Bookstore that also carries stationery.

Japanese 100 Yen shop with locations in the US.

Front-End Development

These resources are more for people who already understand how coding and web development processes work.

Inspiration for creative web development.

Tutorial on how to use a JS framework for creating a discord bot.

Best course for advanced Vue. ($)

Easy development platform to host your web development projects. Push right to your GitHub repository and Netlify will automatically build your project.